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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Do Complementary Therapies like Reflexology really work?

This is the theme for the talk I'll be giving at Armada Speakers on 26th July.  Of course as a Reflexology for around the last 15 years I'm bound to say yes, but I'll be trying to convince probably a few 'nay sayers' so what would you say to persuade them?

I'll be offering taster sessions at Harewood House on 30th July so do come and try this wonderful therapy.  More details on the web site at

Have a good summer everyone, the Well Being Club will be in action again in September.

Best wishes

Janet Wise

Monday, 4 July 2011

Our Perfect Days

At the Well Being Club on Wednesday we all shared our idea of a Perfect day this is how mine looked:

am  Get up really early and see the sun rise on a cliff top somewhere.  Go to have a hearty breakfast and then spend the rest of the morning chilling out reading , walking etc.

Lunch Spent with good friends, laughing and putting the world to rights, while our children chill out together.

pm  Relaxing in a warm garden more reading.

Evening meal,  Either a meal prepared by the whole family and shared or an Indian Take Away! 

pm  Children to bed early enough for us to relax and forget about the day ahead because it's a holiday no deadlines or school to worry about!!

I'd be really interested to know yours.

The Plympton Well Being Club will meet for the last time this term on Wednesday 13th July, discussing Positive Thinking and our usual movement to music and relaxation.

Hope to see you there.

Best wishes

Janet Wise