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Monday, 29 October 2012

We all need a day of chilling and recovery...

Many thanks to Wendy a great Reiki teacher who introduced me to the wonderful world of Reiki this week.  I’ve been intrigued by Reiki for some time now and have had a few Reiki treatments in the past.  A client of mine, hearing that I was able to do less and less Reflexology because of painful thumbs and back, suggested I could continue to help people with their health through the WiserSelf Plan but with Reiki. I could continue to work with them physically and energetically.  Great!  She sowed the seed for me and I began my journey towards being able to treat using the ancient ‘hands on’ healing of Reiki.

I began with the first part of my training called Reiki 1 which involves an ‘Attunement’.  This consists of a wonderful visualisation which took me on to a plateau with vistas closely resembling the mountains region of Lesotho where I used to live as a volunteer teacher many years ago.  It was great to be taken back to that amazing time in my life and to be surrounded by the mountains and Basotho people again with magnificent views and fond memories of the important rituals I was lucky enough to be part of.

Along with my Reiki self healing instruction and space clearing advice I had a truly relaxing day.  It was so beneficial to be allowed to work on myself for the whole day, an immensely liberating experience to think I don’t have to be any where else and and I don’t have to do anything else accept be here and give myself up to this gentle life affirming experience.

Once again thank you to Wendy for her patience and thoughtfulness.  Now I am going to try to persuade her to join us at WiserHealth, it would be great to have her on the team offering her wonderful skills.