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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Herald Business Awards

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Herald Business Awards

Only one more day before the Herald Business Awards tomorrow at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Plymouth.  We have been shortlisted in the Spirit of Enterprise category and look forward to hearing about other local businesses and enjoying the food provided by Riverford Organics.
Many thanks to all our customers, business trainers and friends over the last few years who have helped us grow and develop into an enterprising business!

Fingers crossed for our success tomorrow.

Best wishes


Friday, 6 April 2012

Plymouth Sound By Boat

Yesterday we were lucky enough to join a group of differently able children and their carers on a boat trip with Horizons Sailing club.  While the weather can only be described as 'bracing' it was wonderful to be out on the water to see Plymouth from a whole different viewpoint.  From Richmond Walk first we headed out to the Breakwater passing the lethal looking 'Dragons Teeth' and the rather lonesome Drakes Island.  Then we headed up river and passed the rolling hills of Tamerton Foliet on one side and beautiful Mount Edgecumbe on the other.  We stopped for lunch in Saltash right under the Brunel Bridge and were very grateful to the community centre there who warmed us up with steaming mugs of hot chocolate and coffee and kindly allowed us to use their facillities to eat our packed lunches.  Lunch outside in the driving wind would have been much less pleasant!

I was full of admiration for the Captain who jollied us expertly through the adventure with varying winds and waves but felt even greater admiration for the carers on board who worked so hard coaxing their loved ones through the cold weather and meeting all their needs in such difficult conditions - it looked physically exhausting but for them just another very demanding day. You are all inspirational!

During the night I woke up and was briefly unable to sleep still processing the sights and scenes of the day.  Then I was reminded that the Government's cuts to Working Tax Credit are due to hit this week and I felt extreme anger as I realised that these are probably the very people who the tax cut will hit.  No doubt mostly women like those on the boat who were hard pushed to work 16 hours outside of their caring responsibilites but couldn't possibly manage any more.  As a result of these cuts their income is set to drop substantially because they are not considered to be working enough.  All I can see is an extremely unfair and narrow definition of work - I've yet to see anyone who works harder than those caring for the disabled.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to be made sleepless by this government.

Happy Easter!