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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Hope all you mum's out there are getting the attention and pampering you deserve!  I've had a great day thanks to my husband and kids who have rallied round and made me feel special.

After a sumptious brunch - plenty of time to lie in and ease my way into the day we then headed off to the coast with a picnic and sunshades.  Sat looking out to see towards Plymouth Sound basking in the sunshine and still disbelieving the blueness of the sea.  Back home in time for a spot of relaxation in the garden; OK by then I did have to take out my hot water bottle and blanket but listening to Swami's Yoga Nidra through my head phones just loud enough to phase out the garden bird song - lovely!

We've just finished supper which was of course rounded off with the lovely chocolates presented to me earlier.  Now I do have a few chores to do like ironing the school uniform and supervising baths but it all seems easy today, there seems to have been more space and even the normal little ups and downs of the day have stayed little.

Hope you've all enjoyed your day and for those of you like the woman we met on the cliff top today not having such a great time, having lost her mum last week - remember to nuture yourself, we know how to look after others and we also have in us to look after ourselves.

Best wishes  Janet

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day

I'm off to Plymouth City Centre to take part in the celebrations at the Guildhall part of which will be seeing our daughter receive her creative writing prize from the Soropomists.  We're so proud of her for flying the International Women's Day flag at only 10!

Hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating another year nearer to equality.

A special thanks goes to all the men out there who are helping us along with their positive support and confidence that everyone wins in a equal world!