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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The sun's out - let's eat better!

The suns out - let's eat better!

I had the opportunity to deliver a presentation at a business networking event yesterday around the topic of healthy eating and self care which was brilliant for helping me focus on my own eating habits!

Is it just me or does this gorgeous weather make you feel healthier without even doing anything?  Well I want to capitalise on that and maybe you will too.  Some people say they don't feel so hungry when the weathers hot and I used to think really? I just want to eat all the time what ever the weather!  I don't feel like that now and I think that's because I've changed what I eat and always try to include a whole grain in my meals (even breakfast!) so I no longer feel hungry all the time.  Also having lots of vegetables with every meal, especially green ones and a small amount of protein I know is really good for me too. 

What I need to concentrate on now is staying away from the sugary 'treats' which although taste wonderful at the time are very 'moreish' as my mum used to say.  We know that sugar is indeed addictive and I do find that once I start eating sweet things I just want to eat more.  These empty calories not only add fat, they also play havoc with our energy levels, giving us false spikes and making it very difficult for our blood sugar to stablise naturally.  It's the cake and biscuits that do it for me!  So all I can do is not buy them.  I've told my daughter that if she wants biscuits (she has a sweet tooth too) she has to make them and they must be the healthist recipe we can find.  She hasn't stepped up to make any yet!  I've also found that making sure I eat a good meal three times a day means I don't need to snack inbetween.  I know that takes a lot of planning but that's where the weekly menu planning comes in.  I'm planning to share menu ideas on Twitter from the middle of June and any ideas you'd like to share please comment below.  In the mean time the sun's out - let's eat better.

Janet Wise