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Friday, 26 August 2011

Where does all the time go...?


Hope everyone is managing to get out in that sunshine and to duck and dive from the rain too!

It's been a busy summer at WiserHealth.  We launched the new WiserHealth Well Being Scheme for Plymouth hoteliers and guest house owners in mid August and it went down well.  We are now trying to build up that side of the business hoping to treat visitors to Plymouth with our wonderful therapies.  I also gave a speech at Armada Speakers, the Plymouth public speaking group  with the above title.  It too went down well with many people coming up to me afterwards and saying it really clarified things for them as they hadn't know anything about complementary therapy before.

I'm still looking to continue with the Plympton Well Being Club but need to find a venue that is big enough to hold a larger class to try to make the club more sustainable.  I'll be researching this more in September so unfortunately for now the classes will stop but I'll keep you informed as things develop.  In the meantime I'm hoping that we can give each other some on line support.  So here's a question for you.  How do you manage to deal with feeling guilty about things you don't manage to do for your extended family?  It must happen to all of us that we just run out of time, even for the people we love.  Also it's more complicated because family relationships are not always that straightforward!  Finding our way through the 'should haves' and 'you should haves' as well as the 'he saids and she saids'! is doubly diffiuclt.  Any help out there?

Best wishes